A mission statement is necessary to a business if its wants to build a reputation. It is important for any business that is about to launch their products or services. A mission statement usually provides a reference that a company can look back to when it loses focus of itself. With mission statements businesses can maintain their concentration and avoid losing sight from their competitors.

So what is a mission statement?

It is a statement that describes the purpose of a business, what it stands for ie the products and services it aims to sell to their customers. The mission statement gives an outlook of the company in which if there are investors involved then they can understand what their money is being used for.

Why do they need a mission statement?

A mission statement is designed to guarantee that all investors are aware of the business agenda. When you read a mission statement, you attempt to get a feel of what the business stands for.

To illustrate how businesses present their mission statements, I will discuss two multinational companies; Nike and Puma.



Looking at the first sentence you will quickly realise they are aiming for professionals who compete in sports. However, their last sentence gives a very inspiring message. The brand is urging people to do exercises. By looking at their products you will agree that they are doing it for a good cause. They are doing exactly what they said earlier. The overall impact is positive. I would be very much motivated to  work for them because despite their real aim to make profits at least they care about people’s health and fitness.



In the first sentence of the first paragraph they also state their involvement in sports but  they go further by explaining  3 key aspects that define their brand. To make words short I will talk about  two of them ie PumaSafe and PumaPeace.  In PumaPeace they talk about their support in promoting peace across the globe while in PumaSafe they discuss about their awareness on environmental issues and providing a cleaner, greener and sustainable practices in manufacturing their products.

In my conclusion I like both statements. Puma is a bit more wordy, some may not like it since it looks like a brief while Nike is short and concise.  I think Puma’s mission statement will touch more people because they have expressed themselves deeply.


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